Sappho’s Head 0.10 mm Nozzle Test

We are busy making sure that you’ll be happy with the upcoming 0.10 mm nozzles in the lab!

To test them out I wanted to print something beautiful! This is truly one of my favorite 3D models.

I split the model in half to reduce the number of overhangs and bridges since my slicer settings for the new nozzle are quite up to those tasks yet. I’ve also added “cooling towers” (or “prime pillars” as KISSlicer calls them) to assist my fan with cooling. However, this is sliced on the newest Slic3r 0.9.9 release… which is awesome! I also scaled the model to just 27 mm tall to show off the capabilities of the nozzle!


I used superglue to glue the two halves together, but after cooling, the two halves warped a little leaving a split in the top of Sappho’s head. I tried the print a couple of times to see if I could get a set with a clean fit, but eventually gave up. (A problem for another day…)


I melted some scrap filament is some acetone to use as filler and repaired the models by dabbing in the melted plastic into the cracks with a toothpick, leaving a glossy band around the prints.


I treated them to a few seconds in an acetone vapor bath to give them a glossy finish and to see if some of the fine facial details would be preserved. Fortunately, they were! The ladies look even better in person than they do in the photos.


Given the translucence of the plastic, I also tried some less harsh lighting so that the some of the finer details can be seen in my photos.


So, what are you printing with you nozzles? Tweet me your pictures and I will feature them in an upcoming blog post.

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