Free* EXPERIMENTAL 0.15 mm Nozzle Promotion

Announcing the first promotion!

I have produced a limited quantity of 0.15 mm nozzles for evaluation and I would like to crowdsource the evaluation of these nozzles. So I’ve decided to give them away to the first THREE people that refer THREE 0.20 mm nozzle sales. All the nozzle buyer has to do is put your email address in the order notes field at checkout and you’re referral is recorded! All you do is get THREE people to buy a nozzle!

Deadline: The promotion ends at 12:00 AM EDT on April 1, 2013 or once THREE people refer THREE regular 0.20 mm nozzle sales, whichever comes first.


  • You cannot refer yourself even if you use different email addresses for yourself.
  • Be nice. (No SPAM via email, on forums, or on social networking sites! They will have your email address after all.)
  • No cheating. The Internet will catch you.
  • Nozzle earners must pay $5 in domestic shipping or $10 international shipping.

The nozzles have the same specs as the Printrbot 0.20 mm nozzle we sell, except of course with a 0.15 mm hole instead of a 0.20 mm hole.

If I run out of inventory at some point, I’ll extend the promotion for the duration that inventory is zero.

One last thing. After your evaluation, if you post your slicer software configuration on Thingiverse, let me know and I’ll include a link to it on the product page when the nozzle goes on sale!

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